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Welcome ~ Namaste


We are in a time awakening:
awakening to our interconnection,
to the energy~consciousness underlying everything,
and to profound inner & outer transformation!


There is great darkness.
Be a Light to transmute and illuminate the darkness.
To transmute fully requires a diving in, a facing, and a dealing with the darkness.
Know yourself–beyond all darkness–as Light and Love.

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Mind-Body Services houses TriYoga hOMe Philadelphia and Dr. Citrinī Devi's healing practices. Dr. Devi offers an integrative blend of practices promoting optimal wellness and health: psychotherapy, yoga therapy, reiki and energy healing, spiritual consultation, trauma healing, and support for healthy lifestyle choices, mindset, and self-inquiry (svādhyāya). These practices can be used individually or in a holistic, combined manner. Mind-Body Services and TriYoga hOMe seek to promote transformation, connection, and balance. We promote well-being, explore the connections between mind-body-spirit, explore relational and collective connections, and address healing and stress-related concerns. TriYoga hOMe offers yoga classes in yogaflow (postures), breathing practices, and meditation for all levels, teacher trainings, private and semi-private instruction, and workshops with Citrinī, a TriYoga senior-level teacher. Dr. Devi welcomes clients interested in integrating yoga or meditation practices with other healing modalities.




Holiday yoga class schedule - Classes will not occur on Christmas Day or New Year's Day. We will have 6:30pm classes on Wednesdays December 20 and 27.

JUST BREATHE digital courses
- We are excited to announce two different courses (and some bonus meditations) - the "Just Breathe - for all" and the "Just Breathe - Kids+ edition" - to foster a brief, daily breathing and meditation practice! Please click here for information and to purchase.

Kids' Yoga and Nature Illustrated Book and Manual!!!
We are thrilled to announce the publication of The Mystical Garden: A Yoga-Based Journey through Nature by Citrini N. Devi, illustrated by Aditi Andreieva (2022). Please visit our Products & Events page for more information.

2024 yoga schedule update
- Classes will continue as regularly scheduled. Upcoming Level 2 classes are Sept 24, Oct 29, Nov 12, and Dec 10.
We offer ALL TriYoga classes and meditation by donation (seva)! Join us anytime! For more information, visit ourSchedule-Fees page. Classes on Mondays, 5-6:30pm, and Wednesdays, 6:30-8pm, are currently in person only. There is Level 2 class (roughly) once/month on Sundays, 10-11:30am, online or in person. Please note that we have reduced our class offerings, but we would love to offer more classes! Please contact the studio if you and some friends are interested. We will enthusiastically add classes (even online ones!) with 3+ students interested!

- due to covid, many classes were taught online and zoom recordings of the classes are available as replays. Please feel free to visit our Resources page (or contact us) for more information and to request replays.

COVID update
- Both in-person psychotherapy and classes online (telemedicine/video-therapy and streaming classes) are currently possible. If you are new to the studio, and would like to attend in person, or if you would like information on how to join our classes online, please contact us. At the moment, Monday and Wednesday evening classes are in person only, while Sunday classes are simultaneously online and in person. More than ever before, we need yoga and meditation practices that reduce our anxiety and stress, center ourselves in the present and in the breath, ground us, promote healthy practices for body-mind-spirit and healing on all levels, promoting the best functioning of our immune system, and connect us to our true selves, the Universal, and our interconnectedness with each other and nature. Now is the time to begin, establish, or renew our commitment to daily healthy practices. REPLAYS FOR PAST ONLINE CLASSES AVAILABLE! All classes remain by donation (seva) and Venmo, Zelle and Paypal friends & family payments are being accepted. DONATIONS ARE APPRECIATED FOR LIVE OR REPLAYED CLASSES! Thank you and many, many warm namastes and pranams!


Special Offers:

• Gift certificates for reiki and energy healing & yoga (classes, private instruction, and workshops)!
For more information, contact us or visit our Schedule-Fees page.






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