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Integrative Health Coaching

The American healthcare system is in crisis. Chronic diseases are the #1 cause of premature death, yet 50% of premature deaths can be prevented through behavior modification. While genetics, access to affordable care, and the environment also contribute to chronic disease, behavioral lifestyle choices outweigh all the other factors. 

Are there any health behavior changes that you've wanted to make, but either haven't known how to make or haven't been successful making in the past? Has a new health concern arisen to which you want to pay particular attention? Maybe you know that you should lose weight, stop smoking, cut out refined sugar, increase your exercise routine, or add more fruits and vegetables to your diet, but putting those changes into practice is a lot easier said than done. There's a reason why it's hard to change behavior – the human brain is hardwired that way. The longer and more frequently we practice a specific behavior or habit, the stronger the pathway is within the brain. Changing a habit requires the brain to be re-wired. The new behavior needs to be practiced and repeated until it becomes the new normal.

Health coaching effectively motivates and supports health behavior change through a structured partnership between the client and coach. An integrative health coach is like a personal trainer for your whole self – body, mind, and spirit. The coach helps the client develop and realize her/his optimal health vision through inquiry, personal discovery, and accountability, and can help bridge the gap between medical recommendations and a client’s understanding so that behavior changes are sustainable.

Health coaching is effective in helping people realize their optimal health for a number of reasons:

  • Coaches work with the whole person. They listen to your concerns and ask powerful questions to help motivate you to make the changes you desire.
  • Coaches spend time exploring what is most important to you in your health and allow you to choose your course of action.
  • Coaches guide you through a process to maximize the possibility of your success.
  • You and your coach work in partnership to identify obstacles to change and create strategies for moving forward towards your goals.
  • Coaches support you in tracking your weekly progress and hold you accountable for your commitments.
  • Coaches provide additional resources for making healthy behavior changes.

The coaching relationship is unique. The coach and the client form a partnership to better equip you to realize your optimal health vision based on your goals and values. Any concern that gets in the way of taking care of your optimal health is the perfect subject with which to begin coaching. Therefore, any topic that you think will contribute to your optimal health is an appropriate topic for integrative health coaching.

Wheel of Health

The integrative medicine model seeks to care for the whole person by taking into account the many interrelated factors that affect health, wellness, and disease, including the physical, mental, emotional, social, environmental, and spiritual dimensions of people's lives. Integrative medicine is based upon a model of health and wellness, with prevention and intervention as the goal. The Wheel of Health, developed by Duke Integrative Medicine, illustrates key areas that contribute to overall wellbeing, with mindful awareness of these areas at the core. These include the mind-body connection; movement, exercise, and rest; nutrition; personal and professional development; physical environment; relationships and communication; and spirituality. Professional care can include both conventional approaches (such as psychotherapy and medication), as well as evidence-based complementary approaches (such as acupuncture, reiki, qigong, massage therapy, healing touch, guided imagery, hypnotherapy, mindfulness techniques, yoga, and more). An integrative health coach will partner with you as a coach and provide you with services and guidance within her/his scope of practice. If you decide to pursue professional care outside of her/his scope of practice, your coach will help connect you with the right professionals.

Integrative Health Coach

Bridget Phillips, MPH, CHES

Bridget Phillips headshotBridget is an Integrative Health Coach trained through Duke Integrative Medicine, a Certified Health Education Specialist, and has a Master of Public Health degree from Drexel University. She is currently completing a classical yoga teacher training at the Yoga Life Institute in Wayne, PA to become a register yoga teacher (RYT-200) through the Yoga Alliance. In her private health coaching practice, Bridget works with individuals and groups. Individual coaching sessions take place either over the phone or in person at Mind-Body Services. In addition, Bridget conducts workshops on public health and integrative health topics. For information about health coaching packages, pricing, and scheduling, please refer to her website at www.bphealthcoaching.com.



Bridget’s office hours: Mon 6-8p, Friday 8a-12p, Sun 11:30a-1:30p.
Bridget can be contacted directly by email at bridget@bphealthcoaching.com or by phone at 484-843-6233.



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