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Introduction to Psychotherapeutic Services


Please note: at this time, Dr. Devi has such a long waiting list that she is no longer accepting new clients or adding any further clients to the waiting list. She apologizes, but has not yet found how to multiply herself.


In psychotherapy, it is important for you to feel safe, comfortable, and able to proceed at your own pace. I aim to create a secure, supportive environment. Psychotherapy varies depending on the particular concerns clients have, and the personalities of the client and psychologist. When choosing a psychologist, it’s important to find someone who can be helpful to you, who understands you, who you can trust, and with whom you feel comfortable. Nonetheless, psychotherapy is not easy and may, at times, be uncomfortable or difficult. I help clients explore feelings, thoughts, and behaviors, as well as the interrelationships among them. We will work together to help you understand yourself better, identify and meet your goals, take better care of yourself, and feel both more empowered and adaptable.


In psychotherapy, the effort is collaborative, calling for an active effort on your part, as the client, and on mine, as therapist. We will work together to develop an approach that fits you and to achieve your goals. Like many psychologists, I use different methods, depending on the concerns that a particular client wants to address. I tend to use an integrated approach, blending several theoretical frameworks and techniques to best serve your needs. At times, I may be very directive, offer suggestions, or help with problem solving. At other times, I may be more of a sounding board to help you better know yourself or to support your journey through life. We may focus on your current life situation or we may consider the patterns and beliefs that you’ve developed over time, how they came about, and whether they still serve you. I aim to help clients create the changes that they seek and improve their situations. It can sometimes be difficult to know what to do to feel better and lead a more satisfying life. As we meet regularly, we will work together to help you move beyond barriers and patterns that keep you stuck. I will also aim to answer your questions in a direct, forthright manner, to give clear responses to your concerns, and to explain my rationale for suggestions when it may be unclear.


Psychotherapy can have benefits and risks. The process can be difficult at times. During therapy, painful or unpleasant material may be discussed. You may experience uncomfortable feelings like sadness, guilt, anger, frustration, loneliness, and helplessness. Despite this, psychotherapy has been shown to have benefits for people who go through it. Therapy often leads to significant reductions in feelings of distress, better relationships, and solutions to specific problems. There are no guarantees as to what a given client will experience. It’s important to remember that your experience with therapy will be your own. Speaking with friends or family who have been in therapy can be helpful; it may give you a better idea what to expect, what it was like for them, and how they felt it was beneficial. Even so, your experience could be different from theirs.


When an individual with whom I am working permits me to do so, I work closely with other professionals to develop a comprehensive, coordinated approach. I believe in integrating different approaches to treatment, integrating the care of mind, body and spirit, and coordinating care with other professionals.


By the end of the first few sessions, we will have some impressions of what our initial work together will include. You are encouraged to evaluate this information along with your sense of whether you feel comfortable working with me. In some cases, I may not be the best person to provide services for a client. If this is the case, for whatever reason, I will be happy to provide you with the names of other professionals who might better suit your needs.


Throughout treatment, we will regularly reflect on your process and progress. I encourage ongoing dialogue about your experience in therapy, your experience meeting with me, and your hopes and goals. I look forward to helping you move toward optimal psychoemotional health and wellness.


Maya, a mini-labradoodle therapy dog, also assists me in validating clients feelings, providing fun diversions at times and needed cuddles at other times, and holding a space for healing, acceptance, and love.







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