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Child in Devi mudraClass in Half CobraChild in Triangle 1Class in Eagle TwistJim in Half LocustCitrini in Eagle HeadstandChild in Reclined Tree with Salutation MudraCitrini in Side T Balance= Kaliji in ArrowLocustMarj with a cast in Leg StretchChild in Butterfly meditationChild in Extended_PenguinWheel and SpiderChild in Pyramid 1 Child as weight in BridgeChild in cat with catClass in ChildEagle TwistNandi and spine in Camel ArchKashi in  NatarajasanaGanapati’s FeetJosie in Hip Side StretchCitrini in Inverted BridgeChild in Extended Tree Child in EarthtouchJim in Natural SeatCitrini Assisting in Leg StretchMom and Child in MountainPeace in Inverted BridgeCitrini and class in Serenity L Seat TwistTwo treesCitrini in Balanced PyramidChild in Hip Side StretchPortrait of KalijiClass in MountainChild in Cobra 2Sri Cakra4700 in iris bloomClass in Leg StretchAltar at 4700 Kaliji in Ananda_joyAssist in Side T BalanceWheelchair Seated MeditationKids in meditationBaby in Mountain Lift Bashanti in Salutation MudraBashanti in TriangleClass in Basic TwistBhavani in Tortoise 2Binaka and Bashanti in Half TortoiseBinaka in MountainKaliji and Gerry with crystal bowls.jpg Boy in MountainBoy in Swan BowBrahmi assisting Maretta in Fish 1Assist in BridgeCitrini in Camel Toe Stretch Binaka in CatCat Demonstration and Cat BowClass in Mountain with ChandraTheresa chantingClass in ChildChild in MountainCitrini in Child 1Broadcast class with children Children in SpiderCitrini in Child 2Citrini in CraneCitrini in LocustCitrini in MeditationCitrini in Warrior BowCitrini in Wide Squat on rocksKaliji assisted Forearm Wheel Walkdown at the wallClass in Reclined ButterflyHelena and Vicki in ArrowTeen in Knees to Chest Class in Cobra 1Citrini in Cross BalanceCitrini in CrowCitrini in Dance StretchKaliji’s Devi mudraCitrini in EagleCitrini assisting in Eagle TwistEesha in Cross TwistCitrini in Extended Mountain with Kashi and EeshaChild in WaterfallEric in HeadstandChild in SpiderCitrini in Extended BridgeCitrini in Extended FishChild in Warrior Class in Extended Toe StretchCitrini in Extended Bridge FishCitrini in Extended Hanuman ArchAananda in Extended L MountainCitrini in Extended Monkey at the wallClass in Extended Mountain and ChildClass in Extended MountainCitrini in Extended Mountain 2Marj and Vicki in Extended PenguinCitrini assisting in Extended PenguinClass in Extended PyramidCitrini in Extended RabbitClass in Extended Shoulder Stretch Citrini in Extended Side SlantGita in Facedown with Triangle MudraFeet in Eagle TwistCitrini in Balanced Pyramid=Citrini in Fish 2Theresa in MeditationCitrini in Flying EagleCitrini in Forearm HanumanChandra assisting in Forearm MountainCitrini in Forearm ScorpionBhavani in Forearm StandCitrini in Forearm WheelCitrini in Forearm Wheel LiftChild in Tranquility Gerry in Forward BendCitrini in Free Seat Palm TreeCitrini in Full CamelCitrini in Full Swan=GanapatiGayatri in WarriorGeri in Tortoise Palm TreeGerry in SwanGirl in Cat TuckExtendedTreeCitrini in Half Tortoise TwistClass in HanumanChild with heart mudra Class in Hip Side StretchCitrini in Inverted BridgeChild and dog in NaturalSeatJim in Cat Bow=Kaliji TriYoga AdKaliji and CitriniKaliji and class in Knees to ChestKashi in the Flow of teaching”Happy”KashiCitrini in King CobraKnees to ChestCitrini in Leg StretchTeen in Free Seat Class in Leg Stretch Runner FlowMatt and class in LocustCitrini in LocustCitrini in Lotus Tortoise Twist=Maretta assisted in MountainMeditating childclass in TriangleMom and child in Toe BalanceMommy assist in Mountain”KalijiCitrini in NatarajasanaNatural SeatCitrini in One-Leg Reverse Slant Pranam mudraGeri and Bhavani in PranayamaCitrini in Locust pregnantCitrini in Raised Cobra=Citrini in Raised Runner’s TwistClass in Reclined ButterflyChild in Reclined TortoiseCitrini in Reversed SlantCitrini in Rotated Raised Runner”ClassRunner and EarthtouchSalt LampCitrini in Seated Pyramid Forward Bend Citrini in SerenityCitrini in ShoulderstandBhakti Lila in ShoulderstretchCitrini in Side Warrior 3Class in Reclined ButterflyClass in Side Warriorsmiling chanting KalijiBharati in Spider”SriCitrini in StarCitrini in SwanCitrini in Swan Thigh Stretch Leg Stretch Assist TYTTChild in Triangle 1Altar with Thank YousKamala assisting Theresa at wall=Theresa and Citrini in meditationChild in Extended Swan BowTiger Lily’s in Bloom at 4700Kaliji in Tortoise Toe Stretch 2Citrini in Tortoise Fish Toe Stretch 2TYTT assist in Tortoise”ChildCitrini in Tortoise ShoulderstandChild in treeCitrini in Triangle Citrini in TriPod V HeadstandVicki and Michele in Basic TwistTYTT Mountain AssistCitrini in V Press=Wall-supported Inverted BridgeMaretta and Citrini in Knees to Chest at wallWall-supported WaterfallWall HangWall-supported Shoulderstand”CitriniWarrior with childCitrini in Warrior BowRishi and Santoshi in Warrior GateChild in Reclined TreeCitrini in Wheel LiftCitrini in Wide SquatWindow altar=Jim in Yoga Nidra”Yogiraj



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