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Private Yoga Instruction


Private and semi-private yoga and meditation sessions address individual needs and desires. Some students pursue regular private sessions. Others seek out private sessions occasionally, when they feel the need for individual attention. Sessions may include TriYoga flows and postures, breathing practices, and concentration and meditation techniques.

Students choose to have private sessions:

  • • to receive focused, individualized attention
    • to work with specific needs or limitations
    • to receive guidance in developing a daily practice
    • to receive assistance in postures
    • to receive support in moving through patterns and resistance
    • to release blocks in body and mind
    • to address personal goals or interests
    • to learn refinements and deepen one's understanding of the practices
    • to be able to go at one's own pace
    • to focus on particular aspects of the practice (e.g., meditation)

Private sessions are offered at scheduled appointment times. Depending on individual needs, sessions can be 1.5 hours (the standard length of time for a TriYoga class), longer, or shorter. Semi-private instruction can be offered for small groups; it is up to you to put together the groups.

For more information about my yoga background and qualifications, please visit the Teachers page. Payment is due at the time of the session. I charge $90 for a private 1-hour session and $125 for a private 1.5-hour session. For semi-private instruction, I charge $45 for a 1-hour session and $62.50 for a 1.5-hour session.

Private and semi-private instruction


Gift Certificates:

Gift certificates for private instruction
Enter recipient's name
Enter recipient's contact info

If you are purchasing a gift certificate, please provide us with the recipient's name and contact information (address, email, phone numbers). Please specify whether you'd prefer the gift certificate to be sent to them via the postal service or via email.



Because the time is reserved for you, it is important to keep appointments. Occasionally, you may need to cancel or reschedule an appointment. Payment for sessions that you miss is expected unless you provide 24 hours advance notice of a change in plans (or in rare cases in which you and the teacher both agree that circumstances beyond your control prevented attendance).


Please contact the studio to schedule your appointment, for more information, and to speak to the teachers about private or semi-private instruction.



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