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Reiki and Energy Healing



Reiki is a Japanese energy and bodywork modality to help heal physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual imbalances. The word Reiki comes from Rei, meaning universal, and Ki, meaning life force. (This Universal Energy is also known by other names: prāṇa, chi, Holy Spirit, Holy Ghost). Reiki is one method developed to enhance and control the flow of this energy in and around the body.


Reiki either uses the light placement of hands on the body or a hovering of the hands above the body with the client fully clothed. It fosters healing, relaxation and a sense of wellbeing. It is non-invasive and holistic. A typical session lasts anywhere from 30-60 minutes and gives attention to the whole body.


Reiki activates the universal, ever-present, non-physical energy and vitality that is present in our bodies and in all living things. Anyone with the desire to activate the energy can access and attune to it, and anyone can harness this energy for healing. The energy goes where it is most needed. Reiki originated in India and the East, but its original name, disciplines and techniques were lost to the oral tradition. They were then rediscovered by a Japanese scholar and monk name Dr. Mikao Usui.


Reiki can be thought of as:
• the Higher Self’s connection to the Universal Energy that breathes life into all living things,
• the omniscient wisdom to heal and sustain life,
• spiritual consciousness that flows through and connects all living things, and
• pure unconditional love.


When a person is healthy, enthusiastic, and positive, the Universal Energy in the body flows freely and more abundantly. In this state of mind, coping with life’s challenges likely seems easier and resistance to illness and disease is likely to be higher. When Universal Energy is low due to stress, unhappiness, fatigue, negativity or other causes, a person can become more susceptible to disease and sickness and it may be more difficult to deal with life’s challenges. Reiki works on the body, mind and spirit by stimulating a person’s natural healing abilities and clearing emotional and physical blockages that lead to illness and disease (in the chakras and energy body, the endocrine system, the lymphatic system, and within and around us). Reiki rebalances the flow of the universal life force within and around each of us and allows us all to become one with all living things.


Although reiki is not a replacement for conventional medical treatment, it can be used to supplement and enhance standard medical treatment and to promote the body’s innate healing capacity and resilience.

Benefits of Reiki include:

Stress reduction
Improved recovery from injury or surgery
Physical comfort in aging or illness
Stabilizing emotions
Decreased behavioral challenges such as separation anxiety
Support in healing, coping with, and releasing trauma, abuse or mistreatment
Increased calm and peace
Renewed hope and sense of purpose
Increased life energy (i.e., prāṇa/chi/ki)

Energy Healing

As described above, the Universal Energy (called by many names) pervades all. This Energy flows around and through us at all times. If the energy is “out of balance,” the body-mind-spirit are affected; this can manifest as stress, mental distress, illness, injury, pain or interpersonal difficulties. Energy healing removes blocks, promotes our intrinsic ability to heal, and restores the Flow of Universal energy in and around us. There are many energy healing practices available to us. We can discuss what practices might be beneficial at this time; they may either be offered or led by Citrinī or taught for you to employ whenever you wish, including:
Cakra balancing
Clearing self (and cakras), others or spaces
Protecting self, others or spaces
Energetic channel strengthening and opening
Heart-centered meditation
Breathwork practices (prāṇāyāma), including but not limited to:
            Balancing Breath (samatā vāyu)
            Shining Skull Breath (kapālabhāti kriyā)
            Fire Wash (agnisāra dhauti kriyā)
            Breath Retentions (kumbhaka)
            Trinity Breath (TriVāyu kriyā)
            Circle of Fire (Valaya Agni)
Concentration practices (dhāraṇā), including but not limited to:
            Sound and Light visualization (nāda paśyantī)
            Sound Light to Release Knots (nāda paśyantī TriGranthiḥ)
            Sound Light to Clear Cakras (nāda paśyantī cakraḥ)
            Visualization of Energy Centers (cakra-darśaṇā)


Reiki Practitioner and Energy Healer

Citrini DeviCitrinī Nata Devi, PhD, E-RYT(500), C-IAYT, CCTP-II

Citrinī is a certified Level 1 (Shoden), Level 2 (Okuden), and Master (Shinpiden) Usui Reiki practitioner through Reiki Infinite Healer. She has long practiced and taught TriYoga, a form of yoga that is deeply energy- and breath-based, inspired by the spontaneous flow of Universal Energy. She is certified in TriYoga Prana Vidya Basics through Level 3 practices. Citrinī is a skilled practitioner in clearing and moving energy, using the full spectrum of yoga practices including breathwork (prāṇāyāma), visualization, concentration practices (dhāraṇa), sound vibration, mantra, and meditation (dhyāna) to allow healing and transformation to occur as the energy flows more freely and calmly. As it is her passion, Citrinī continuously seeks to develop her energy healing practices, skills, and intuition.  




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