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Citrā means bright….

The clear-minded.

Rich in brightness like the stars.

Many aspects of knowledge.

Bright like a constellation,

Flowing like a river.


Inspired through Kaliji on December 19, 2002

Received on January 5, 2003



I received the Sanskrit name “Citrinī” from Kaliji, the founder of TriYoga. You are welcome to call me Citrinī, Christine, or Dr. Ware according to what feels most comfortable to you.


I felt moved to ask for a new name in 2002 because I was deeply moved during a visit with Kaliji. Yogis sometimes ask for new names or are given new names by their teachers in order to be reminded of their true nature, to shed old patterns of being, and/or to inspire themselves and others. Yogis also believe that there is vibration and sound throughout creation, and that Sanskrit is a language particularly well suited to capturing this vibration of energy.


Citrinī is pronounced:

- “chi” as in ‘chimney’ (or ‘sat-cit-ananda’)

- “tri” as in 'tree,' although there is a slight “th” sound, as in ‘three,’ the ‘r’ is rolled at the tip of the tongue, and the 'ee' in 'tri' not as long as the 'ee' in 'ni'

- "ni” as in 'knee,' with the accent is on the last syllable ‘ni'







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