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TriYoga Teacher Training events are open to all, including students who simply want to deepen their own practice. Interested students can use teacher training events to explore the possibility of teaching, pursue certification to teach TriYoga, and refine teaching abilities.

TriYoga Teacher Training is an individualized process of working with a certified teacher to learn the flows and teaching methodology of TriYoga. There is no definite or guaranteed time frame when pursuing certification in TriYoga. The time that it takes a given intern to become certified varies depending on experience, pace of learning, and practice required.

To study with Citrini as a TriYoga Intern in Basics, Level 1, Level 2, or Level 3, or in Prana Vidya practices (Basics through Level 3), please contact the studio. Citrini offers regular Teacher Training programs and has been approved by Kaliji to offer the Technique aspects of TriYoga Teacher Training. She is also an Experienced-Registered Yoga Teacher (E-RYT) with the Yoga Alliance at the 500-hour level.

Citrini requires that those who study with her have a regular, personal TriYoga practice and regularly attend classes. If distance is an issue, please speak with her about this.

For information about teacher training events in our area with senior TriYoga staff, please visit the events section of this website. Kashi, Eesha, and Citrini in Extended Mountain


TriYoga Teacher Training in Basics, Level 1, Level 2, & Level 3:

At the moment, Citrini offers TriYoga Teacher Training in Basics, Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 and TriYoga Prana Vidya practices (Basics through Level 3) as needed. These are scheduled according to her availability and the availability of the current interns.

Students/interns may join Teacher Training programs at any time. Programs double as deepening workshops in which all students (whether interested in teacher training or not) can immerse in the Flows or Prana Vidya practices.

By donation

Please contact Citrini for more information or to register.

Please contact the studio directly if you are interested in formal and/or informal training in TriYoga. If distance is an issue, please speak with Citrini about this.

Steps in pursuing TriYoga certification:

The first steps are:

  • • becoming familiar with the TriYoga Certification Handbook

  • • developing a mentoring relationship with a teacher certified in the TriYoga level in which one is pursuing certification

The next steps are to:Assisted Forearm Mountain

  • • read, fill out, and return the Internship Program Application and the Copyright Statement and Nondisclosure Agreement to TriYoga International

  • • receive, study, and practice teaching with the manual appropriate to the level in which one is pursuing certification

  • attend classes and trainings, study technique, alignment, and teaching skills to prepare for certification; consistent and regular personal practice in TriYoga is recommended, particularly in the level in which one is pursuing certification.

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