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"You are a rock star teacher!" - Bhakti Lila


"Thanks for the yoga practice we have done together over the past years. It has become a solid ground that helps me cultivate the right intention and realign with positive energies every time I feel un-grounded." - Daniela


"I loved class!! I felt like it was for me!! I am so grateful. I was able to tune into my bliss body." - Gayatri


"I have been thoroughly enjoying our recent classes... While I've always felt you have great skill in relaying the finer points of the postures and flows, you continue to reveal a depth and compassion that is both reassuring and inspiring. I have enjoyed so many things - the inclusion of more breathing practices and the revisiting of "old" postures with the more detailed breakdown of individual movements has made the experience deeper and more meaningful. There is something rather unique that has been developing and growing within our particular group. There is a trust and comfortable confidence that seems to expand each time we meet. It's a lovely thing." - Vicki O.


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"I am an intermediate practitioner and have tried quite a few different styles of yoga, but I like the TriYoga style best. It has been described as a combination of Kundalini and Hatha.

TriYoga has a much slower pace than Kundalini, but has some of the same focus on energy flow, the subtle body, and chakras. Some movements are flows and others are held postures. The style of yoga is very meditative, which really suits someone with a vatta dosha, for those familiar with Ayurveda. It is very calming, centering, grounding and relaxing, in addition to toning and strengthening.

In addition to the physical postures, TriYoga includes breathwork, mudras (specific hand positions), and meditation, bringing balance to body, mind, and spirit. TriYoga has several levels, so you can start at the first level and gradually progress as you gain strength and understanding of the poses. The instructors are excellent - very knowledgeable and centered - and the studio is calming and relaxing. Namaste." - Julie S.


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"TriYoga hOMe Philadelphia is a peaceful sanctuary in the midst of the chaos of life. The owner, Citrini, and the teachers, present TriYoga flows, all aspects of yoga in a mindful, intuitive way. Teacher training is also available. If you are looking to begin or deepen your yoga practice, I highly recommend TriYoga hOMe Philadelphia. You will be amazed at the way your life begins to flow!" - Nancy D.


"This studio is small, beautiful and peaceful. Classes are small, teachers are friendly and warm, very well-trained and knowledgeable about classical yoga. In my opinion, large classes where teachers are flashy and pushy are the antithesis of true Yoga. TriYoga is a gentle flowing style that integrates breath awareness with mudras and postures. I find it results in mental clarity and more energy as well as increased flexibility and strength. I highly recommend this yoga and this studio!" - Maretta J.


"I want to tell you how much I appreciate your class.... I always feel so much better and calm about my life...and I love the people in the class. I truly feel blessed to be a part of the TriYoga world. When I think about all the yoga I have done in my life, I feel a sense of sadness to know that people experience yoga classes where the teacher talks the whole time.... I appreciate your silence and yet clear way about your teaching." - Jill G.


"When I can get to Havertown for TriYoga, it reminds me of coming home. The center is perfect for healing in all aspects of body and mind. I wish I lived closer to have Citrini, the owner, as a daily or weekly TriYoga teacher. All other teachers are wonderful as all share the ancient teachings in professional healing light." - Lisa C.


"What makes you such a phenomenal teacher is that you live and embrace the path of Yoga. I know this might sound strange but I feel like your voice and energy could calm a raging lion (figure of speech). This is your gift, teaching is your gift to the rest of us. An incredible gift. I feel so blessed to have you in my life." - Rebecca S.


"I love this place! Everything about it. The teachers, the schedule, the ambience. Classes are always perfectly paced, and instruction is supporting. I always leave refreshed and renewed. Thanks for being here in suburban Philly." - Barbara K.


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"A tiny, beautiful studio, with classes of no more than 6 or 7 students. A very kind, welcoming studio. Great for the non-competitive yoga practice or those with injuries looking for pain reduction and balance improvement. Classes include students of all shapes, sizes and ages, which I love. The yoga is gentle, calming and teachers offer help but don't push you if you are injured. Teachers are great about offering alternative flows when they know someone in the class needs it. In the 2 years I've been going here, my favorite teachers are Rebecca and Gerry... The owner is very accessible by email and welcomes suggestions and feedback on anything about the studio." - Allison S.


"This is a warm and intimate yoga studio with great caring teachers. Students of all abilities and ages are welcome. Yoga is so much more than a form of exercise. This is a wonderful place to experience the benefits of yoga to the body, of course, but also the calming and grounding which the practice engenders." - Bonnie K.


"Thanks for sharing some videos. It's a great company. Your voice has such a calming and reassuring effect on me...I am very grateful to you all for the inspiration and grace you embody and convey." - Daniela


"You are a WONDERFUL teacher... I really think that I could learn so much from you, and I love the way you pass on your knowledge! I felt it was very, very special and unique and sooo lovely that I learned with my heart, not with my head. Those are the things that your body remembers forever... and easily!!! I felt such love, and a strong heart to heart connection... You will be in my heart and I already took you to my first classes, remembering your beautiful flow and the AMAZING hands on alignments and hints you gave me. I tried passing them on to my students ;-) Thank you so much for everything!" - Conny H., Schleswig-Holstein, Germany


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